Turn WordPress Blogs into Videos

Automatically convert and publish your WordBlogs as high quality videos, shorts, & reels across various social media. You can you say OMG now.

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Turn WordPress Blogs into Videos

Blog to video: How it works

Configuration is easy and well documented. You should be up and running in 5 minutes.


Continue being the rockstar content creator you are.

You keep writing and our plugin will turn all your blogs into videos without stressing out your server or website. All the processing is done securely on our servers.

You can select all content or specific post types to convert to video.



Your blog is converted into a high quality text-to-speech narrated video with animated headings from your blog content.

Design your video template with over 100 fonts, background music, & background image, that's it! Easily create 100+ videos a month and publish them to YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram without lifting a finger.

Video backgrounds and animated images coming soon.

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Video Distribution

Videos, Shorts, & Reels are published to YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram with a title, description, bolierplate content, and even a thumbnail.

Take a deep breath. Integrations like Pinterest, X, LinkedIn, & more coming soon.

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Video Embed

Once your video is published to YouTube, it is automatically embedded back into the source blog.

Your users, website, & SEO benefit from rich, on-page video content.

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See how it works

All we did was write blogs. The videos created themselves!

Mind-blowing Features

Customise your videos to match your brand. Set and forget.

Video background image

Video background

Upload a default image background for all blogs or get minute control over each blog.

Customize fonts

Customize fonts

Choose from 100s of fonts for your video. Choose, size, color, and also choose how you want them animated in the video.

Text to speech voice

Text to speech voice

Choose from over 100 realistic, human-sounding voices to narrate your blogs. Male, female, and even native-sounding multilingual voices.

Background music

Background music

Select from a library of royalty free background music and adjust the level.

Multilingual support

Multilingual support

Choose from over 50 languages and grow your international audience.

Automated workflow

Automated workflow

Publish 100+ narrated & animated videos a month to various channels. Without lifting a finger.


No special hosting

The heavy lifting is done on our servers. No stress even on your shared hosting plans.

Embed YouTube Videos in WordPres

Videos on your site

Videos are automatically embedded back into the source blog. Grow your website's SEO and make your blogs more engaging.

WordPres Multisite Support


WP2YT works on WordPress Multisite. Grow multiple sites and YouTube channels simultaneously.

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

Optimized YouTube titles & descriptions with templates and boiler plate content for consistent messaging & branding.

YouTube Links


Automatically adds links back to your blog from YouTube description and other boilerplate content.

Start & Stop Anytime

Easy start & stop

With a single click you can pause video creation, or restart.

Simple Pricing

In a ~2000 word blog there's ~10,000 characters. So, approximately 10k characters will make 1 video. With our simple pricing, it will cost you on average $1.50 a video!

* Estimated number of videos based on an average 2000 word blog being 10,000 characters. If one blog was 300,000 characters & you had the $49 plan, you would get 1 video for that month.
On average, a 2000 word blog has 10000 characters.